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Economic Summit India 2008, Delhi


Automotive & Logistics 2009, Seoul


Ways out of the crises 2009, Munich


Economic Summit India 2009, Delhi


Meeting with Dorothee Bär 2017, Berlin - photo by BMVI

Urban Logistics at 32nd International Logistics Conference - Berlin, 2015

 Rat der Logistikweisen / Logistics Think Tank
Fall Meeting - Germany, 2014


Gipfeltreffen/Think Tank 2015

Rat der Logistikweisen / Logistics Think Tank under the patronate of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Fall Meeting - Germany, 2015




At Hull University Business School - United Kingdom, 2015 

With Amar Ramudhin, Director of Logistics Institute - Hull, 2015





Digital Transformation of the Logistics Industry, San Jose 2015 

FMCG/Retail Best Practices - Transport Logistic China, Shanghai 2014



Presenting Culture as Strategy - Exclusive Fraud Day, Cologne 2013 

Panel on Supply Chains at the Global China Business Meeting, Riga 2012





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